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Adults arts psychology

Welcome to our adult’s arts psychology page, a place where you can access support programs

offering easy step by step tool kits.

We help you develop skills to know how to manage your emotions creatively (without feeling you

have to always speak about your feelings), support you with the tool kits to learn how the

subjects you paint in proportion show you where to build confidence and self - esteem in any

area of your life.

Through our research and case studies over 20 years we have discovered that empowering

adults through simple & effective drawing skills gives you the opportunity to achieve being able to

draw or paint to your personal high standard. The step by step process teaches you to break

down big problems subconsciously into small achievable outcomes, which supports you to

discover solutions you can handle within your life & successfully manage.

The 3 biggest mistakes that adults make when wanting to use the arts to work through their pain


1. Thinking that freely expressing will not trigger frustration & past hurt.

2. Thinking that is has to be one to one support

3. Not educating themselves & understanding why they are always going back to square 1

& relying on quick fixes

Often quoted is the rule that children mirror & only demonstrate what they have learnt from

surrounding environments & forget what they have learnt as children when they are adults

Our Arts psychology programs will be giving you access to:

1. Arts psychology art classes (without having to share your experiences within the group).

2. Personal development theory about psychology of the brain.

3. Online interactive support program to continue to introduce the work within your home &

have confidence to know what to do on those difficult days

Our Adaptable programs will help you especially when you feel you keep repeating the

same mistakes & have skills to know what to do when you don’t know why you relive

your past.

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