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We use SIMPLE step by step techniques to be able to draw and focus on what your child feels they cannot achieve, holding their hand as they conquer their frustrations and achieve drawing or painting what they love! From animals, architecture, portraits, still life, landscapes to atmospheric drawing and paintings that look real and alive.

If what your child loves to draw is not listed, it is definitely covered. We approach classes differently based on feedback from the children directly. By introducing short drawing techniques, then a colour technique within various mediums. 

Your child also has the time after to choose the theme they would like to improve and draw or paint, leaving them to feel like they are in control of their decisions and feel listened to.

Discover how your child can creatively explore what they love to draw or paint with 3 dimensions using simple drawing and painting techniques…

Our programs are for your child if they are looking for step by step techniques to confidently be able to draw or paint what they feel frustrated in getting their art work to look like it is awake and amazing, as well as gently grow in their unique drawing or painting styles! 

Our program teaches children about life skills through art, mindfulness and being part of their decision making progress.

Do you see your child become frustrated thinking that they have to get things right the first time they try to draw and paint? It just does not look right? It feels like they are back in school and don’t know what they are doing? We are not a school, we are set up as a college to let your child be part of deciding what works best for them, and discover their entrepreneurial abilities to support them later in life.

We all hate making mistakes and it is easy to give up, as a parent, frustration to see your child get frustrated when they think that mistakes are bad, leaving them to feel they can’t get what is in their head onto the paper the way they want to see it.

Let me show you the tips and secrets to creating pictures, drawings and paintings of what they love:

  • Discover ways to blend your paints and even take them to the next level of learning
  • How to draw in proportion and know how to paint dark to light to give your paintings life
  • Draw and shade in 3 dimension the proper way
  • Adapted programs for children who love cartoons, anime, manga
  • Sculpting and all artist mediums covered

Are you ready? Come and join me and let's explore and have creative fun in the world of Art.

Ages start from 7 yrs old

With over 25 years of experience in teaching, Justine has taught in South africa, Cape Town, worked closely with corporations, schools, colleges and has set up her own college as she believes children are a genius and already know what they want to do, they just seek direction through someone willing to listen and help them see what is already there. Her travels have helped her to research and explore the world of mindfulness through art, which builds the individual from within and gives them techniques to come up with creative strategies to deal with challenges.

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Being creative is being aware of the present moment. Sometimes, this can be tricky, especially when you have an active mind and are constantly busy. 

The process of colouring & simple creative drawing teaches you how to cope through your busy life, by which you let go and focus on relaxation. Being present in the moment, focusing on repetitive styles of simple art & colouring takes over as you become oblivious to the stresses and strains of every day living.

With over 350 videos, checklists, journals, colouring in templates & fun challenges, plus weekly content uploaded, ART COMMUNITY HUB will give you inner calm and peace as you connect to art and colouring in.

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