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Art Psychology sessions

What are A.R.T – Art releases thought classes?

A tutored art class without your child or yourself feeling they are in a therapy session.

A trained art tutor facilitator, who has technical drawing, painting and teaching skills, plus training in the basic theory of human behaviour, understanding how the brain grows and develops in the home environment. Using technical drawing and painting skills in a step by step process as the primary mode of communication within a classroom setting

Discover a new approach we use to help your child or yourself with emotions.

​As adults, we know what we need to release stress, anxiety or how to find a way to work through our current uncomfortable situations.

Children are still trying to learn how to understand their emotions we face as adult’s on a daily basis.

Introducing A.R.T. into your child’s or your life help’s you discover:

  • How your brain thinks and copes with life experiences
  • The reason you feel anxiety or stress and how do deal with it
  • New techniques in skilled drawing and painting which allow your child or yourself not to feel pressured to speak about your feelings
  • Why you or children do not fully engage in ‘therapies’ or other counselling techniques
  • The reason children learn how to deal with their emotions by watching how their parents react in similar situations
  • New support techniques for parents to gently guide their children without blaming themselves

How can we support you?

  • Collaborate & work alongside other professionals
  • Collaborate & work with your child's school & pastoral
  • Parent & child sessions to support parents with creative strategies understanding your child
  • Regular one to one sessions with feedback & support
  • One off Support programs - Within four classes we clearly assess where your child is requiring support from their parents.
  • For adult programs, we offer tailored coaching packages that can be chosen with or without art

We can show parents how they are already creating the space for their children to feel safe through their technical drawing and paintings created. If parents are willing to work with us as a team, the assessment report provides guidelines and support how to gain insight into current behaviour & strategies to support you & your family .Arts Psychology please email [email protected] for more information

Find Out More About Justine & Arts Psychology Information

We work with, collaborate and support all forms of therapy. Go into schools, work with parents, social workers and provide training.

Email - [email protected] for more information

07540 999 875

Experiences - Some of the children, teenagers & adults we have worked with

We have had the opportunity to be funded by CAHMS, work within residential care, support and evolve therapy/counselling sessions some of which include but not limited to art therapy, play therapy, counselling & psychotherapy

  • Divorce 
  • Anxiety / Stress / Self harm / Signs of depression
  • Self confidence / self esteem
  • Grief / bereavement
  • Self harm / Fears / Phobias
  • Eating disorders
  • Bullying / Communication Problems / 
  • Reactive behaviour / Sibling rivalry
  • Pressures of School/ problems with emotional or social development at school
  • Studying ' retaining information' / Refusal to attend school
  • Surrounded by mental & physical abuse / affects after cultural differences 
  • Surrounded by indulgent behaviour (alcohol/drug abuse/neglect)
  • Terminal illness

Online Support

We have a range of online support from courses for parents to online community programs.

  • Online Parent Program - Please CLICK HERE (will be added soon)
  • For community watsup Please send a text to 07540 999 875 (Receive weekly tips/techniques & support)